14.1 The finish line will be between an orange flag or shape on a Race Committee Vessel and the course side of the finishing mark, or between two RC vessels displaying orange flags for course W2, OÇ2 and T2.

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14.3 For courses W, O, & T, the finishing line will be set upwind of Mark number 1. The finishing line may be between the RC vessel and the finishing mark or between two RC vessels.

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For breaches of the SI marked with  SP and the NOR 3.4, Race Committee may apply a standard penalty without a hearing. This changes RRS 63.1 and A5


19.5 Before the warning signal of the first race of the day, the Race Committee Vessel shall fly code flag K indicating time to check in is open. Each boat is required to sail past the stern of the main Race Committee boat on starboard tack and verbally check in. When the Race Committee verbally acknowledges a boat's sail or boat number, the check in has been officially noted. When failing to do so this will lead to a penalty in accordance with SI 17.6.